The GardenFrame™


The GardenFrame™ is a raised garden bed system designed with elegance and functionality in mind - making it easy for everyone to build a custom raised garden that serves as the centerpiece to any outdoor space. Our team worked tirelessly to plan, test, and refine the GardenFrame™ until we cultivated the perfect design to transform your home and garden.


GrowAway™ Covers

GrowAway Covers

The unique shape and design allows for maximum coverage and protection for your seeds and young plants. Two or more GrowAway™ Row covers can be laid end-to-end to cover longer rows. The slit openings on the top allow for water and aeration, while the transparent material allows full sunlight, serving as a mini-greenhouse for your plants.

The GrowAway™ Dome has 5 hole openings on the top to allow water and aeration for a young plant. It is made of food-safe plastic.


Plantid™ Garden Labels


Plantid™ garden labels are biodegradable and are coated in white paint to increase the longevity of the labels about 2x longer than natural wood. 



The GardenFrame™ was featured in "12 New Essentials for Garden Lovers"