The GardenFrame™

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We were inspired to design an elegant, functional and versatile raised garden system that is easy for everyone to build, and serves as the centerpiece to any outdoor space.


GrowAway™ Row

GrowAway Row.png

The unique shape and design allows for maximum coverage and protection for your seeds and young plants. Two or more GrowAway™ Row covers can be laid end-to-end to cover longer rows. The slit openings on the top allow for water and aeration, while the transparent material allows full sunlight, serves as a mini-greenhouse for your plants.


GrowAway™ Dome

GrowAway Dome.png

The GrowAway™ Dome has 5 hole openings on the top to allow water and aeration for a young plant. It is made of food-safe plastic.


“It takes me back to old Alexandrian art and culture when everything was made to catch the eye of Kings. It is a brilliant idea and a great way to transform our homes and gardens.”
-W.T. on the GardenFrame™